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Tithe for Tuition

A simple concept, easy to remember and replicate. A religious term – many U.S. colleges and universities were founded by religious organizations – and tithe (10) – a promise by a college to provide a 4 year degree that will last for 10 years in return for a promise by a student to pay 10% of income for 10 years.

Diane's Student Loan Story

I graduated from Syracuse University in 1965, before student loan debt. Many high school friends went to University of Massachusetts. Syracuse (private) and UMass (Public) both provided excellent educations.

How To Set Up a Self-Directed IRA

A “Checkbook IRA” is a Self-Directed IRA with only one investment – Your Checkbook LLC. Setting up a “Checkbook IRA” is a two-step process.

Brackenhollow Farm - Seattle, WA

I am passionate about solving the “Student Loan Problem” and had no idea where to begin. Duschka is helping me generate investment income for retirement and I am helping her by making her student loan payment manageable so she can concentrate on expanding her business. For graduation, Duschka acquired Joey, a miniature horse than she plans to use in a new Executive Leadership Training Program.

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