How To Set Up a Self-Directed IRA

A “Checkbook IRA” is a Self-Directed IRA with only one investment – Your Checkbook LLC. Setting up a “Checkbook IRA” is a two-step process.

Brackenhollow Farm - Seattle, WA

I am passionate about solving the “Student Loan Problem” and had no idea where to begin. Duschka is helping me generate investment income for retirement and I am helping her by making her student loan payment manageable so she can concentrate on expanding her business. For graduation, Duschka acquired Joey, a miniature horse than she plans to use in a new Executive Leadership Training Program.

A Conversation with Diane Freaney

What happens when a single person decides to move their retirement savings to a self-directed IRA and invest in their local community?

Duncan Farm - Gales Creek, OR

Lise Monahan, Fraga Farms Organic Goat Dairy, left a message on my cell on a Sunday night in early March – please call – urgent. The farm next door had a For Sale sign. Lise had been working with the owner to grow organic hay for her goats. Lise was afraid a wealthy individual would buy the property, build a McMansion and not farm the land. Would I be interested in buying the property?