Rooted Investing - Investments

Emerson Street House

Diane financed the Emerson Street House (ESH) as part of his mission to develop affordable housing in Northeast Portland, Oregon. The ESH has been created with the intention of serving the community. The main building at ESH is a multipurpose space – an artists gallery, venue, a children’s library, a music stage. Where everyone belongs and everyone is welcome, regardless.

Rooted Investing - Investments

Duncan Farms

Duncan Farms, in Gale Creek, Oregon, is a 20 acre “farm incubator” that focuses in producing a variety of value-added products, using permaculture and sustainable farming techniques. Rooted Investing purchased the farm in 2014 and created a path forward with Jeremy, the administrator, to create a sustainable lifestyle and provide a 3% simple interest return.

Taylor Lucas Mortgage

Rooted Investing: A Conversation with Diane Freaney from Michael Parisien on Vimeo.

Rooted Investing bought a bad high interest mortgage loan from a local member of the community. The intention was to embrace an opportunity to invest in someone doing good work, that was being screwed by Wall St and the system.

Student Loans

Dave was able to refinance his student loans with Rooted Investing.

There have been several student loans purchased with a SIMPLE 3% interest. These loans often save the students hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

In 2014, Diane invested in Dave Hoch’s student loan from graduate school. He is one third of the and was planning a world cycle tour with his partner and dog. He had previously refinanced his student loan with SoFi, however, when he approached SoFi about different payment plans, he was told he had to pay in full and there were no other options. Rooted Investing stepped in and filled the void. Dave and Diane jointly crafted a payment plan that worked for both of them.

Short-term Loans 

Rooted Investing has invested in a few short term loans with outstanding members of the community. Each loan goes through the same process and is based on keeping money on Main St.