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Our Philosophy is simple: We want to fund the world we want to live in by investing in our communities.

In the documentary film Inside Job (2010) Samuel Hayes, Professor Emeritus of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School is quoted as saying:

Inside Job Movie Poster

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“In the traditional investment banking model, the partners put the money up and, obviously, they watched that money very carefully. They wanted to live well but they didn’t want to bet the ranch.”

For decades Dr. Hayes taught the principles of using Other People’s Money (OPM) as the foundation of Wall Street Investing. He taught this to our founder Diane Freaney at Harvard Business School. You never risk your own money on Wall Street, that is the core of Other People’s Money.

Rooted Investing is based on the principle of My Own Money (MOM). Addressing the shortfalls of massive, global and impersonal financial system that now exists. Taking money out of Wall Street and investing it in Main Street.

The elements that created such prosperity have eroded, introducing risks worldwide. Safegaurds in place since the Great Depression and business practices abandoned. Financial and banking industries were highly regulated. Most regular banks were local businesses, prohibited from speculating with depositor’s savings. Investment banks, which handled stock and bond trading, were small partnerships. This is the foundation our financial system is overbuilt upon and undermines.


My Own Money (MOM)

[accordions] [accordion title=”Simple”]

  • Simple Interest
  • Simple documents

[/accordion][accordion title=”Do-It-Yourself DIY”]

  • Fund the world that you want to live in
  • You make your own decisions


[accordion title=”People”]

  • Relationship based
  • Intuition
  • Caring and love


[accordion title=”Local”]

  • Community and culture based
  • Neighborhood, town/city, county, state, country
  • Local operations of international companies



Other People’s Money (OPM)

[accordions] [accordion title=”Complex”]

  • SEC filings, 10Q, 10K, 8K, S8, CMO, CDO,
  • Hedge Funds, Junk Bonds, Leverage, Arbitrage
  • Proxy Statements, Earnings Calls
  • Complex legal documents – court system interprets

[/accordion][accordion title=”Experts”]

  • Attorneys, CPAs, CFAs, VPs, CFREs, CEOs, EVPs,
  • Must rely on “experts” to interpret complex documents and complex data
  • “Experts” decide for you


[accordion title=”Numbers”]

  • ROI, ROA, PEG Ratio, Alpha, Beta, Black-Scholes
  • GAAP, EBIT, EBT, EPS, Free Cash Flow, Asset Turnover
  • Morningstar Style Box, Asset Allocation, Diversification
  • Big Data


[accordion title=”Global”]

  • Global decisions – local needs ignored
  • Hierarchal structures
  • Shareholder returns