Retirement Plans for the 99%

Moving your money to the local credit union with an IRA, rather than keeping it on Wall St. Why should anyone trust some fat cat that has zero incentive to consider your well being or community when investing other people’s money? You shouldn’t. 

Local Mortgages  – Simple Model

Investing in Oregon Mortgages Model:


  • Fixed Income Expected Return – 3.0%
  • Fixed Income Risk – 3.8%
  • 30-year Mortgage – 3.25%
  • 15-year Mortgage – 3.00%

SIMPLE Mortgage Documents for all OIC Mortgages

Oregon Banks HOLD all Oregon Mortgages in Bank Inventory

Investment “Managers” – Mortgage Departments of Oregon Credit Unions

  • Pros
    • Fixed Income Expected Return – higher than 3.0%
    • Fixed Income Risk – lower than 3.8%
    • Consistent, dependable cash flow to pay PERS obligations
    • Consistent, easy to understand accounting records
    • Consistent, easy to understand mortgage documents
    • Financial counseling provided by local Credit Union
    • Consistent with Oregon values
      • Economic equality
      • Housing security
      • Local ownership
      • Strong neighborhoods
      • Transparency
      • Accountability
  • Cons
    • Portfolio Expected Return – will decline on COMPLEX investments
    • Portfolio Risk – will increase on COMPLEX investments
    • Return on In

Self-Directed IRAs

A self-directed IRA is similar to a traditional IRA, however, it is different in that the investment options available and the investing direction comes from you, not some hedge fund manager on Wall St. Diane created her own self-directed IRA and moved her money into her community by investing in local real estate, student loans, mortgages, and private loans.