Student Loans: Where is Your Line? Penn State Update

The Freeh report is out and the NCAA has announced its sanctions. Many people are shell shocked by the report and even more shocked by the NCAA sanction. There is no good solution. We cannot change the abuse the young boys endured. We cannot ease the pain of the football players that now have a winless record for their whole time at Penn State. We cannot forgive the debt incurred by students who enrolled at Penn State because they believed the myth of Happy Valley. We cannot go back to 1997 and change what happened.

Aaron Calafato, a young actor and storyteller, feels compelled to ask why it happened, not to point fingers, just to ask why. Aaron asks “what is the responsibility of the artist to investigate the questions…that come up in situations like [Penn State]? Where is your line? How far will you go?”

[At Penn State], the “bottom line and profit became more important than the human soul..” This situation is not just about Penn State, it is “a symptom of our culture and it is manifesting itself in different situations.” It is a different subject but it is the same premise in politics, [government], Enron.” Scary stuff and Aaron is asking the right questions.

Aaron has written a one-man show called “For-Profit” about his experiences as an admission counselor at a For-Profit University. He recorded this video on his phone. The post is part of the blog about the experience of producing his first show.

What are your thoughts?