Since 2014, we have led the effort to move $1M+ from traditional retirement plans and invest in our local communities all while maintaining a minimum 3% ROI. We have been at the forefront of building relationships and supporting resiliency within our locality.


Our Mission

Bringing capital back to earth


Our vision is to identify opportunities for people to use their social and monetary capital to create economic health and happiness for their communities, their families and themselves.


  • Community-based investing 
  • Relationship-based investing
  • “Do It Yourself” Investing –
  • Coaches, not decision makers

Investing Rules

  • Simple arithmetic
  • Simple interest rates
  • Simple language
  • Assume the best

My values prohibit paying Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan CEO, a $23 million salary, when he led a bank that could face criminal charges for the “too big to fail” fiasco which brought the financial world to its knees and required a bailout by US taxpayers. My Vanguard funds all held JP Morgan. Owning JP Morgan violates my values – I sold the funds.

— Diane Freaney, Founder of Rooted Investing

What We’ve Achieved

  • Documented our method for converting traditional savings plans to self-directed IRAs.
  • Established a process for helping others follow our footsteps.
  • Invested in several projects in our community.
  • Invested in paying off student-debt at outrageous rates. Reducing the unnecessary high APR.
  • Invested in a local organic farm to create a sustainable innovation hub. 
  • Invested in a service business that had a poorly owned mortgage.
  • Invested in creating a cutting edge passive house that will increase urban density while using minimal of energy. 
  • Invested in a couple who converted their basement into a bike-hostel.